Clearing and Grounding


Performing an energy clearing of your space, the tools used for connecting, and your body should be a regular practice. Most of us are pulled in so many directions as we go through our day that we may not realize that we are carrying other’s emotions and/or pain in our own energetic and physical body. The regularity of energy clearing will vary for each individual.

 As a sensitive, I have to practice strong boundaries with energy of others, spaces and spirit. Over the years, I have worked diligently on changing my environment at home and workspace to promote a more peaceful existence. Consistent practice of good spiritual hygiene by clearing and grounding is still a must. About once a month I also receive Reiki treatments to assist me in this practice.

I would love to help you find the most effective way to clear and ground! Through continual practice you will notice a shift to a more peaceful existence in your day to day life. If you can agree that your thoughts create your reality, you may understand that a peaceful heart and headspace can help you make some seriously awesome changes in your life as well.

 What element resonates with you most? Air, Water, Fire or Earth? Each of these elements have ways to help you clear and ground. Some of us are more connected to one or two elements over the others. That is totally okay! The journey of finding what works for you is a fun one!

 If you are mostly connected with the Air element some breath work techniques may work best for you. Inhale for a count of three and exhale for a count of five. Try some yoga poses, walking, dancing, martial arts, and/or sound healing.

 If you are more connected to the Water element finding yourself near a large body of water like a lake, pond or ocean would be super cleansing and grounding. If you don’t live near a large body of water just taking a shower or an Epsom salt bath would do wonders. The use of essential oils topical, infused, or diffused is incredible help as well!

 If you find that you are someone who resonates with the Fire element you might love to burn white sage, Palo Santos wood, or even a small candle. Burning these with the intention of clearing the space, tool or yourself to a neutral energy and feeling anything negative go with the smoke or the flame.

 If you are drawn to the Earth element you find that you are really connected to working with crystals. A few personal favorites are hematite, tiger’s eye, black tourmaline and selenite! Standing outside barefoot may be excellent exercise for you as well. Standing, leaning or sitting beneath a tree is also a very powerful way to cleanse negative energy and to get grounded.

 On days I’m finding myself discouraged, overwhelmed or just not in flow I find it so powerful to journal, pray, and to give others the encouragement I need myself. If I need to slow down my internal thoughts, I find a good book, snuggle my puppy, and even take a nap to reset!

I suggest while trying all these new ideas out that you take some notes about how you felt before you tried the technique and how you felt after. If you can grade it on a scale and find what works best for you and incorporate it in a daily routine, you are headed in the right direction!



If you woke up one day and realized that a large part of your purpose here was to heal your soul and help others would it change the way you lived your life? Would it change the way you looked at those who participated in showing you what needed healed? Could you get still enough to hear your heart and have the courage to face what it was telling you?

Recently, I found myself sitting at a table celebrating a birthday for a family member I never thought I would see again. How I even ended up there and the events that unfolded after were nothing short of a miracle, but I’m so grateful for my connection to Spirit and the ability to trust divine guidance.

Personal conflicts and hardships are part of life and if left unhealed the lesson will repeat itself. The names and faces may change, but the lesson will remain the same until you face it. Many of us carry wounds from our family since our early childhood. Family wounds tend to even effect those down the line and can repeat in nature. Sure, your daughter may never have met your great grandmother. However, her unhealed wounds from her mother did affect her daughter and then her daughter. Do you follow me?

The Matryoshka doll pictured above is a gift from a dear friend Donna, owner and manager of Artemis- The Art of Living in Red Lion. On May 28th, ten minutes before an evening I held private readings, she came in and asked me if I knew the story of this beautiful Russian Nesting Doll. As Donna opened it up, one by one, she explained the history. Matryoshka is Russian for Mother. The big doll represents great grandmother and in itself she hosts the children, women, men, but also the stories, relationships and experiences past on generation to generation. As she pointed to the the smallest and referred to it as our daughter’s unborn child she explained the importance of healing and how our lineage of experiences effects even the unborn.

Two days prior, my grandmother turned 83 and we all came together to celebrate her and love her. Her health is declining and she suffers from dementia. There were 4 generations at the table. There were many hugs and some tears. It wasn’t easy for me to be there for this celebration by any means. I put aside all the hurtful words, hurtful actions and many years of hurtful circumstances she was a big part of. I took a step back and thought what if she did her best? What if she learned and was sorry, but lacked the capacity to say it during this lifetime. What if she wasn’t sorry and had absolutely no idea all along. Then the real work started from my heart and I just knew I was supposed to be there. I just felt like it was the right thing for me to do and I honored it. The look on her face when she walked in the door was priceless. The love for my daughter and myself being present was felt over and over again. She literally kept telling us because she can’t even remember that she already told us. It was adorable. My daughter was able to see her in a new way and I hope it helped her as well. As for me, I no longer have the last memory of my grandmother being a sad memory. I was fortunate enough to reframe that and heal a piece of me that needed healing in a way I had never thought I could do it. For some, this may not be as helpful and I totally understand. I did what was best for me in my own circumstances.

There was no coincidence in that nudge from Spirit, the positive evening that transpired with family and the reminder a few days later from my dear friend and her strong intuitive nudge to share the russian nesting doll meaning and then to gift it to me. Donna had no idea what I was working through or anything about that event, but that is just how beautifully intertwined we all our to each other and source. The very reason we need to support each other and work on our healing.

May you find peace and love on the other side of your biggest fears and heart wounds!




Spiritual Awakening

spiritual-awakening (1).jpg

For many, this is an incredibly intense time and people are noticing a lot of old patterns and wounds coming up that still need immense healing. During this time, it may feel like there is no possible way out of your current circumstances surrounding relationships, career and money. This intensity may multiply if you are still following the old behaviors and patterns. Many of you that are looking for answers outside of yourself and holding onto indoctrinated belief systems and will notice you are hitting some serious brick walls. There are some of you beautiful courageous souls that have such strong wills and are so invested in this one perspective of how things have to be that it is so hard to let go and move forward.

If any of this makes sense to where you are right now in your journey, welcome to your spiritual awakening. I promise you, I have been right there with you at one time in my life as well! I am by no means an expert on all things spiritual or have a map for you to navigate to make it an easy process, but I can share an alternative perspective that allowed me to be free from my own old way of living. Having gone through this process I have experienced a huge shift from the inside that has reshaped my entire reality and my relationships with others, career and money. I had no idea before going through this that those three aspects of life are actually all related.

First, start making new high vibrational choices. One of the absolute most important things to help you navigate towards a life full of abundance and peace is to learn the feeling in your body when you are making a choice. Your body will absolutely tell you if you are in alignment with that choice. Does it excite you and make you feel good in your body to walk down this path? Most importantly, is it coming from a place of love and higher vibrations? This won’t work if you are coming from a place of anger, revenge or trying to teach others a lesson. If that is where it’s coming from you have missed the point. This is not about anybody but YOU and the relationship with yourself.

Secondly, stop trying to control outcomes. You came here to strengthen your intuition! If you pay attention to your body and make decisions from within and what feels right for you, then you have to stop worrying about controlling the outcomes. Feeling into a situation gives you insight or a path that feels right for you. As you keep navigating life from this place of alignment within your soul, the power of momentum is helping you really harness yourself in that higher frequency and you will remain in your power regardless of any situation or outcome that you face. When you follow this way of living for a period of time you will notice all the beautiful blessings that show up for you. These things that could not exist in your lower vibration perspective and experiences before will now start to manifest at a rapid rate and will literally shape a whole new reality for you from the inside out.

In short, the purpose of a spiritual awakening is to allow you to be closer to yourself and others through love and higher consciousness. This process is ongoing and brings us closer to the collective and helps change the world by making these shifts within ourselves. Honor yourself and learn what feels good and right for you and learn to say no to everything else. Realize it’s not your job to persuade others to come with you or that you are worth their love, but instead love yourself the way you deserve to be loved without attachment to outcomes. Just be you and trust that those who don’t belong in your space will fall away and that energetically you are making room for those that do belong with you. Follow the joy and what inspires you with your career and you will be rewarded with an abundance and a soul set on fire!

When spirit speaks


Last night was a beautiful display of love from spirit. I talked to a man in spirit that loved his Sax, Piano, driving his fancy cars across the country, but most of all missed his very good friend and dropped in to say hello with empowering loving messages to keep going! He brought through many cheerleaders. It was very touching to hold space and convey his love and support! He spoke about a time when passions for music were high and that they had since become stale for his sweet friend in front of me. He wanted to tell her not to be concerned that she had lost touch, but that it was all part of a bigger plan to dig deeper and look inside her heart for more. This time was about finding her true self and not dimming her light so that others could handle her powerful presence when she walked into a room. He spoke of a time when she would write the music and become more connected than ever, but to do the work that presented itself over the next few months to ignite that flame again.

Your loved ones hear and feel your prayers! They know your struggles and your strengths. They want you to know that they are there for you and lining only the best of things to come. If you are going through any painful circumstances at this current moment, it's only to grow you and to allow the people and current circumstances you are giving energy not meant for you to fall away for an even brighter more vibrant tomorrow. Trust, surrender and allow the beauty of who you are and what you deserve to come to full fruition! Much Love and Gratitude to all those who I had the honor to read for! Thank you

What your loved ones want to say...


In my Messages from Heaven events and private readings, I have witnessed countless transformational messages from the other side. Many people are seeking answers regarding their loved ones, some have questions about what they are doing now, and others have questions about the final moments of their life and everything in between.

With my process, I validate our loved ones in spirit by bringing forth all the evidence that spirit brings me. When I allow spirit to speak it can be anything from aspects of personality, appearance, special memories, family dynamics, and facts around their lives that only YOU would know. Often times, they also are standing there with other loved ones you didn’t intend on connecting with. The family pets that have passed, for another, is an added love bonus!

Messages from the other side after validating your loved one and speaking to you about how they are with you now have been all across the board! Your brother might bring up the fact you have been putting off replacing the roof and it is time to address it before it gets worse. Your mother may want you to know that, as she shows me her petting her golden, although her hands were severely arthritic and painful, she is free from all pain now. I’ve had loved ones who suffered from depression and mental illness thanking their mothers, sisters, and brothers for standing by them and loving them unconditionally. They want you to know how they are lining up the best of things to come your way and what that looks like! Most often they are so grateful you never stop talking to them, thinking of them, and keep their memory alive! They show me when and how you honor them. Most of all, when they are speaking to you and you are receptive so that you know that was REALLY them when you thought you were connecting with them!

I cannot possibly write out all of what the spirit world wants to say, but please know they are with you every moment in everyday. Their love is eternal and they will be there for you as you continue to journey through this life.



💗If you have walked into a room and felt another person’s emotional or physical pain before they mentioned a word you are EMPATHIC!

💗For most of my life I was so used to feeling the energy in the room and reacting to it that I didn’t realize that I had the power to set the energy in the room.

💗It was through my journey with mediumship and giving group demonstrations that I realized how important it was that I set the intention and just poured out love to stay in that vibration while I work.

💗It has since trickled into my personal life and has helped me in so many ways! The price of being sensitive is being sensitive and we all want to stay grounded and centered so that we can help others without it draining us!

💗If you are looking to live a more deliberate life and strengthen your connection with spirit, I have a 5-week mentorship to help you one on one that includes my video series! If you are interested in more details send me a message!

Grateful for you...

Wherever you may go                                                                           Wherever you may be                                                                     Just whisper and I'll hear you                                                                     You can always count on me                                                                                  -Charles Baumann

Wherever you may go

Wherever you may be

Just whisper and I'll hear you

You can always count on me

-Charles Baumann

When you think about the most influential person in your life and how they impacted you, I hope it brings you joy to have known their presence and their heart. If the day has already come where you can no longer hold their hand or experience a hug that you need from time to time on your journey, I hope you still feel their love.

When I lost my uncle just a little over three years ago I could not imagine how I was going to live in this world without him. He was my strength and courage when I felt I had none. He was my sounding board when I had some really difficult things to work through. He was so incredibly proud of me and my biggest cheerleader in life.

Uncle Charlie had so many funny sayings and I can still hear them in my mind when I need them most. When I ever felt anxiety to go after the things I desired he would say, “Hope, you have the world by the balls. You’ve got this.” I believed in myself at times just because he did 1000% until I could get there on my own. What a gift that was.

When I look back, I think the funniest of all the sayings he had repeated over the years was when I was going through a tough time in relationships. He would always say it to me like I never heard it before. He would hold up his hand and show me his five fingers. He would say to me, “See these fingers? You remember these five words when it comes to relationships okay? Listen up! PICK BETTER GET OUT SOONER.” Oh man do I miss his humor.

However, the one saying that he would always tell me from when I was a little girl that truly meant the most was just knowing he was the one person I could depend on always. He even would say it into my 30’s before he would hug me goodbye in my ear. “wherever you may go, wherever you may be, just whisper and I'll hear you, you can always count on me.”

I am reminded every single day of how blessed I am to have him looking out for me since his passing. I can’t tell you how many situations just lined up so perfectly and effortlessly. I’ve met more beautiful souls than I can name since his passing and I know he’s had a hand in it all. I can’t just pick up the phone, but I know without a doubt that when I’m standing in front of a group of people ready to serve spirit and to give love from heaven that he stands with me. I feel him in all that I do. I see him everywhere I go and feel so grateful to continue our bond through dimensions of time and space.

Until we meet again Uncle Charlie. Thank you for all that you continue to do to ensure I know that you are always with me. Love, Hope

The most important business of life

Life is made meaningful by love. Those of us who have been privileged to love and be loved understand this profound yet exquisitely simple truth.

Death separates us from the physical presence of those we love, but it does not —it cannot—separate us from love itself. We continue to love even as we grieve. We will keep loving even until our last breath —and who knows perhaps beyond.

Love endures. And it is love that continues to make our life meaningful. - Alan D. Wolfelt, PH.D.

Last weekend, I held a mediumship demonstration. This organically brought together a group of mostly strangers to each other, but the divine knew exactly what they were organizing as I was bringing Spirit through one by one. It was a day full of beautiful mom’s in spirit that were validating themselves to their children with only evidence that would make sense to those seated in the event.

One of my favorite messages from a Mother to her son was to do the things his heart desired. She encouraged a retirement home purchase near the shore that he had been thinking more and more about lately as he spent time outside. Although, these were quiet moments to himself where he pondered what he was going to do and wasn’t sure if it was the right call. However, the inseparable bond of love through mother and son was very apparent right there in that moment during the event when he heard from mom.

I encourage you, if you are missing a loved one today, to speak to them and ask them to show you how they are with you now. With an open mind and an open heart you will receive so much loving guidance from your loved ones in heaven.



Many of us are guilty of trying to control what you let in or give away to others when it comes to love. Perhaps because we are afraid of hurting, allowing another to get too close or associate that protection of our hearts with control of our emotions. More often than not, I hear about the fear, the pain or possible manipulation of another when we give away our hearts.

As we love our partners, family and friends it’s okay to love unconditionally and without expectation. If you find something that triggers you try to take it as an opportunity to look deep inside and ask yourself, why is this so painful? What am I afraid of? How can I move forward with an open heart and not take this pain and close myself off from the rest of the world?

In order for me to do the work that I do today with an open heart I am constantly reminded that I feel so intensely. I feel my own emotions and others emotions as if they are my own. However, my awareness that they are indeed not my emotions allows me to let others emotions go. It’s a constant practice and I’m always getting better at this.

To realize that somebody who says that they love me and then have actions that aren’t in alignment with how I love. It doesn’t mean they don’t love me, but really they don’t love themselves enough to be able to love with a heart that doesn’t place blame or create emotional discomfort in a purposeful way in my life. This goes both ways. Creating healthy boundaries that say I won’t accept this behavior but I will still love you. I will just love you from over here is a much healthier course of action then stating anything from a place of reaction or pain to those that may have acted out in recourse. They aren’t going to hear you anyway… I promise.

We are all here to learn to love ourselves and each other. We are here to appreciate the differences and to celebrate our uniqueness. All of the darkness and the light should be accepted and loved. Understanding that painful circumstances created from others is more about them,than they are about you. Realizing this will help you to keep it moving and to love those that are ready to accept it. That is the real inside job for me personally. Accepting love has not been easy. Understanding that I am a powerful soul by design and that not everybody is going to understand and be okay with the way that they perceive me. My truth, tends to trigger the parts in them that still need healing.

Today, there is a great peace in my heart that is unshakable because I have learned over the course of my life that even though people have hurt me and let me down that it wasn’t because I was not worth their love. It was because I needed to learn to love the broken parts of myself and show them to do the same. I have not always understood this or directed my energy throughout the heartbreaking moments in this manner, but today I do.

I hope for all of you that are seeing me succeed in my aspirations you understand that it’s not about somebody who has this special gift of talking to the deceased, angels and guides. It’s me. I learned to love myself and to embrace all of the lessons along the way. I released those who placed harm and let that shit go. I show up to every appointment, workshop and event 10000% just being my damn self and it is felt. I give my heart and I am not attached to the outcome of how I am received or perceived. I just love and let go. It’s taken some time, but I am all in and I’m so damn blessed to live the life I have right now. If you are reading this and you have ever done a single thing to hurt me with purpose. I thank you. Thank you for showing me the things I needed to heal within myself. You succeeded in your efforts and I can only hope that you find your inner peace and learn to love yourself as well!

Finding your purpose


“Everyone has a purpose in life... a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” -Deepak Chopra

To be able to serve spirit and give loving messages to those who miss their loved ones fills my heart with so much joy.

Lately, through my in-person classes and mentorship programs, I’ve helped many others make their own connections and move forward in pursuit of the things that make them come alive! It’s never too late to go after the things your heart has always desired to do and live to your fullest potential.

Last in person class will be held this Saturday at Artemis in Red Lion at 12:30pm! Five and Twelve week one on one Mentorships are available! To hold your spot email and for more details visit


Supporting others in their Grief


“In the darkness of our grief, true friends can be hard to come by. It’s tough spending time with people in mourning. But if we make an effort to connect with someone who has experienced a similar loss, we may find just the support we need right now.

“A ‘grief buddy’ is a friend, maybe a new friend, with who we share a bond of grief. I often call such people our fellow travelers. They too are journeying through the wilderness of grief and would often appreciate some company.

“Grief buddies can meet for coffee, lunch, a walk, or a golf game. Any activity that allows us to regularly spend time talking together will work. The mutual understanding, we can provide one another feels like such relief.” -Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.,

I came across this in a book Grief One Day at a Time and it suddenly took me back to a place I never thought I would walk out of alive. Yes, of course, we all know in our logical mind that grief isn’t going to kill us, but tell that to our hearts while we are deep in it.

Without recanting the timeline for you blow by blow I can tell you the things that stand out to this day are the people that were there. The people that helped me make sense of what I was experiencing and let me talk about him. They let me cry, scream, sob, and express my fears of living without his physical presence.

I found many lightworkers to help me during this time. They helped me heal, understand the pain, and gave me the tools that I needed to process the physical loss of my uncle. The helpful suggestions of books, insight, love or empowerment went a long way. For that I am eternally grateful! I built strong new friendships with others that were experiencing the same pain. A mother, in particular, that I’m still so connected with three years later. We’ve helped each other heal so much that we are now able to help others in honor of our loved ones in spirit. I believe our angels in heaven brought us together. I cannot imagine where I would be without her.

A few days before his passing I emailed my cousin to read him a letter in the hospital. I wanted to make sure he knew how amazing he was, how he impacted my life, and how I will honor him. It was 5 pages long, but here was the part at the end:

I certainly hope you know that made all the difference in the most trying times of my life. Your service to others is something so many have a hard time doing. You are the most selfless person that I have ever known and when I think what the purpose of my life here and what is the BEST thing that I could ever show my daughter are just the very things that you had shown me my entire life. I can’t thank you enough, tell you I love you enough, hug you enough to show you how your presence has impacted my life. My hope is that you feel all the love that you have poured into the hearts of others and that you feel peace knowing that you made life great with you. I wish I could be with you right now. Stephen is amazing for making sure I get this to you. You are the glue that sticks so many of us together and I love you for standing by my mother and standing by me and even sticking up for me to her when she left me. You never did. You are so amazing. I love you U.N.C. always and forever!


As a medium, I already had contact in my dreams and during the day before he fully transitioned. As much as I would like to say this is an amazing gift, at the time it also felt like a ticking time bomb for me to have out bursts in public when I could feel him or suddenly see him. It wasn’t easy at first, but in the few short months following his death I started to put myself out there to help others. In his honor, I’ve fully stepped into my truth as a conduit for spirit and can’t tell you how many hearts I have reunited for a moment in circles and in private readings. I know just to sit with your loved ones for a few minutes is never enough. That is why I also make sure that part of what I do is tell you how you are connecting with them so that you can feel them with you as you walk together side by side in different dimensions.

In short, I wanted to share my experience with you to give you hope that you can face what you are going through. Grief of a loved one, a difficult time in your life, a marriage, or friendship is painful. Anything can fall into this category. It’s not just the loss of life on earth. If you aren’t grieving anything at this very moment, I am sharing with you to understand the impact of what your support can do for another that is in need of your ear and your loving arms through their difficult time. Please go and love each other because that is truly what we are here to do!